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2022 Colors Of The Year

Two of the leaders in the paint industry have released their “Color of the Year” for 2022. Both have chosen a sage tinted, green-gray, that even with it’s green shade can be used a neutral color and has a natural, organic feel.

So, what does that mean for your space? Even though both of these colors are leaning toward the quickly growing green trend, they both have a neutral base and can be paired with natural fabrics or metallic accents.

Incorporating green into a space is always a good idea whether by adding plants, paint, artwork or furniture. It brings a touch of the outdoors in, no matter if your look is casual or sophisticated.

Remember that choosing a paint color for your walls, furniture or cabinetry is always a personal choice.

However, these “Colors of the Year” can help give you a starting point towards future color trends.

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