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4 Benefits To Consigning Your Unwanted Furniture

When you have unwanted furniture pieces in your home you have several options for getting rid of them. You can give it away, sell it on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, or simply put them on the curb for trash pick up.

Another option you should consider exploring is taking your pieces to a furniture consignment shop. Here are a few reasons why…

Put Cash In Your Pocket

One major reason to consider consigning your pieces instead of donating or scrapping is to put some $ in your pocket! You may be bored with the look of your home and ready for a change, but chances are that your items still have value and you can easily cash in on it!

Reach A Larger Audience

So you’ve decided to sell your items instead of giving them away. Why not list them in the classifieds or FB Marketplace? These platforms can be flooded with thousands of items from vehicles to clothing. If you take your items to a furniture consignment shop you will reach a larger target audience, looking specifically for furniture.


When you list an item on Facebook or Craigslist you will eventually have to give your address and phone number to a, or more likely, multiple strangers. People typically like to see the items they’re thinking about purchasing before deciding, and if your pieces are large, it makes it hard to meet in a neutral area. Quality consignment shops are staged to display your items in a comfortable setting, allowing perspective buyers to view your items while keeping your privacy in tact.

Time Saving

When you post an item for sale on any social media platform, you open yourself up to a barrage of messages at all times of the day and night. It can also become very frustrating to try and schedule showings around everyone's schedules only to have no shows. At a consignment shop, you can drop off your goods and not be bothered again until you get the call to come and pick up your check!

Everyone likes a change in their home from time to time, most items you’re ready to change out still have a lot of life left. Consignment shops are set up to accessorize and stage your pieces to make them appealing to shoppers for a quick turn over so you can get paid faster.

Always remember the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” or as we like to say here at New Leaf Consignment “Remember, it doesn’t have to be new to be AWESOME!”

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