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5 Great Ways to Update Your Consignment Shop Finds

As you shop for pre-owned furniture, always keep in mind that almost any pieces can be updated or brought back to life with a fresh coat of paint and/or a few simple changes.

Keep the following ideas in mind as you peruse your local consignment shop:


Make the Color Pop

Do you love the style of an old side table but do not like the idea of another piece of dull, wood furniture in your space? In a few simple steps you can turn that dull wood into a great piece that completes your room! Don’t be afraid of bright, bold colors on small accent pieces, like a bright red side table or a teal nightstand.


Mismatch Your Room

Speaking of simple fixes with a little paint, one of my favorite looks is mismatched pieces all in the same color. This is perfect for dining chairs, bedroom furniture and coffee/end tables. So, the next time your shopping at your favorite consignment shop and they don’t have a “set” of end tables, keep this trick in mind to create something more interesting!


Don’t Forget the Hardware

It is amazing how much changing something as simple as the hardware on a piece can change the entire look. If your not prepared to paint your whole bedroom suit, try just changing out the hardware for something new. Hardware is an inexpensive update. You can also reuse the same hardware, by spraying those old brass handles with matte black paint, you’ve instantly created a whole new look.


Mirrors Make an Impact

The standard matching mirror attached to a dresser top can become awfully boring. Re-imagine that same dresser with a wall hung mirror with an interesting frame and suddenly things aren’t so boring any more! In fact, that could be the starting point to great remodel.


The Devil is in the Details

When revamping an older piece remember to keep the accessories fresh and modern. Adding a unique, funky lamp to an old nightstand or end table can totally bring it new life. Luckily, people love to change their accessories frequently so you can find some great pieces at your local consignment shop.

Next time your out thrift shopping and you find a great deal on a well made bedroom set but aren’t wild about the “dated” look, imagine it with one or more of these tips and you really could have something special!

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