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Helping With Your New Years, Home Organization, Resolutions

Everyone hopes to start the new year with a fresh, organized home but sometimes that can feel like an overwhelming task. Luckily, there are many tools available to help. The following is a room-by-room list of tips and tricks to help achieve the organized home you’ve always wanted.

Living Room

Being the most used, community room in your home, the living room can easily become a cluttered mess. Storage tables and/or ottomans are a great way to hide extra blankets, pillows, books and games. A coffee table tray is the perfect solution to keeping all your remotes in one place as well as other frequently misplaced items, such as coasters or reading glasses. Trays are also perfect for placing your drinks on when you replace your traditional coffee table with a storage ottoman.


A cluttered bedroom can affect how well you sleep at night. Going to bed in a calm, neat space can help you sleep peacefully. One way to find more storage in your bedroom is to utilize the space under your bed. Take advantage of that space with a bed with built-in storage or storage bins made specifically for under the bed, most have wheels for ease of use.

Similar to coffee table trays, use a tray on your nightstand to collect small items such as phones, chargers, books and glasses.

If you have limited closet space, consider a clothing rack. Planning your wardrobe for the week and placing it on the clothing rack will not only free up space in your closet, it will save you time each day.


Often times the bathroom is one of the smallest, but also most used rooms of the house, trays and baskets can be a huge help in these small spaces. Use small baskets, that fit into your vanity drawers, to organize toiletries and makeup, hand towels can be neatly rolled and placed into trays, giving a decorative touch. Repurpose small jars to organize Q-tips, cotton balls and other odds and ends to keep them neat.

If you need more linen storage, (and who doesn’t!) a vintage dresser or chest of drawers can make a fantastic storage piece that adds a unique look to your room.


Hooks, baskets and bins are your entryways best friend! Hooks for coats, hats and keys, decorative baskets and bins for gloves and scarves in the winter and sunglasses and sunscreen for summer. Keeping frequently used items consistently in the same place also saves you time, no last minute searching while your trying to leave the house.

You want to keep your entryway neat and inviting, as that’s the first thing guests see when visiting. The mountain of shoes in the doorway can make that hard to achieve. A low storage bench can double as great hidden storage for those shoes as well a seat to put your shoes on.

Organizing your home not only gives you piece of mind and a sense of ease in your surroundings, it can also save you time and reduce stress!

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