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How To Find “The Good Stuff”

Have you ever gone into some ones home and fallen in love with a unique piece or their entire style and asked “Where did you find that?”, only to have them answer “The thrift shop”. Meanwhile, anytime you go thrift shopping, all you seem to find is old junk. How do they find “the good stuff”? It may be as simple as changing your perspective. The following are some tips to help you do just that.

Don’t always just seek out designer brands. Sometimes the best finds are the ordinary pieces that are just waiting for you to put your personal touch on. Adding ribbon, paint or fabric to something as simple as a mason jar can make a 50 cent thrift shop find a great unique vase in your home.

Re-imagine the ordinary pieces. Thrift shops and yard sales always seem to be overflowing with baskets and vases. Use your imagination and think of new uses for these unwanted items. Baskets are great for storage in closets, drawers or under coffee tables. Vases and jars are also great for a variety of storage, such as Q-tips, cotton balls or even dog treats!

Be sure to keep an open mind and always make a 2nd trip around the shop. You may be looking for a storage piece for your dining room but you never know when you’ll find a great accessory piece. If you only look once at the large furniture, you may miss the hidden gems!

Always keep re-purposing in mind. One scroll thru Pinterest will show you how many great re-purpose ideas there are. The old entertainment units that no longer fit today's TV styles make great storage units and old magazine racks are great for electronics.

Lastly, remember that the good items go quick! Items that are on trend or that can easily be transformed are swooped up quickly. Thrift and consignment shops are consistently changing inventory so be sure to stop in often so people are asking you, “How do you always find the good stuff?”!

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