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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

If I told you I could instantly make your home feel bigger and brighter, would you jump at the chance? It’s easier than you might think. Magicians are know for using smoke and mirrors to trick their audience, well, you can also use mirrors in your home to do magical things to your space.

You can instantly make a small room feel bigger with the illusion of space by placing a mirror above a sofa, mantle or buffet. Don’t be afraid to use a large mirror in a small space! Leaning a full length mirror against a wall is also a great way to add depth to a room. Pair the full length mirror with a table and plant to create a beautiful vignette, this is a perfect idea for a narrow hallway.

If your space is dark because of lack of natural light, adding a mirror, or mirrors, to the wall opposite a window will instantly brighten your space. Get creative and create a mirror gallery, similar to a picture gallery, and hang several mirrors in one area, just be sure that the room is not too cluttered, this could cause your space to feel too busy.

When hanging your mirrors, be sure to consider the reflection. You want your mirror to reflect things of importance, such as beautiful furniture pieces or interesting architecture. Remember, that just as the mirrors reflection with give those pieces more importance, it will do the same for unattractive things as well.

There are endless options for mirror frame styles so you can be sure to find something to fit into your decor style, but don’t forget to consider the mirror itself. A vintage mirror with some rubbed or degraded spots may look “worn out” to some but can definitely add a unique, rustic aspect to a room.

Mirrors are so versatile and are a great tool in your design toolbox. Think creatively by hanging mirrors in unusual places like the kitchen as a window substitution or consider mirrored furniture and accessories to add a bit of glamour to your home.

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