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Summer 2022 Design Trends

Bring The Outdoors In

During the spring and summer months we all want to be a little closer to nature. You can achieve this in your home by adding lots of greenery, whether real or faux. Another great idea is to rearrange your room, making your exterior views the focal point of the room.

Natural Colors

With our hectic schedules and busy days, we all want to settle into our homes in the evening to a feeling of relaxation and calmness. The color palate you choose has a major impact on those feelings. Choose neutral, natural colors such as warm grays, tans and soft blues and greens.

Add Some Culture

Adding artisan elements to your decor makes it uniquely yours. For example, handmade clay pottery or woven baskets made by local artists are details that will make your room special. It will always remind you of adventures you have taken and people you have met. Also, you will be supporting local artists!

Get Creative with Paint

One big paint trend in 2022 is a monochromatic room, meaning painting your trim and ceiling the same as your walls. You can add pops of color with your accessories and texture interest with a high gloss, lacquered piece.

With the overall trend theme being nature and sustainability, repurpose, recycle and reuse whenever possible. “Fast Fashion”, whether it’s clothing or home decor is responsible for some of the biggest negative impacts on the environment. Shop consignment or thrift shops before purchasing new, you never know what you’ll find. Remember, it doesn't have to be new to be awesome!

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