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Top Ten Ways To Incorporate Modern Farmhouse Style Into Your Home

Modern Farmhouse is characterized by it's warmth and simplicity. Using natural textures and materials like wood, wrought iron and galvanized steel to create and embrace a feeling of tradition in your home. I believe it is so popular because with everyone's life being so full of hustle and bustle, we crave coming home to a feeling of comfort and coziness, to surround themselves with things that make them feel good inside.

Here is my list of the Top Ten simple ways to incorporate the modern farmhouse style into your home...


Neutral Color On the Walls

The first step to creating a modern farmhouse feel in your home is to start by creating a neutral color scheme on the walls. Soft beige, greige and true grays are a great place to start. You want to avoid high gloss sheens as well, use an eggshell or satin finish to soften and reduce shine. If you use different colors in each room, make sure they coordinate with one another, this will create a cohesive feeling throughout your entire home.


Natural Elements and Textures

Modern farmhouse style is all about feeling comfortable in your own space, adding natural elements and textures can help create that feeling. This can be easily done by adding wood and/or greenery. A wooden shelf, picture frame or accent furniture piece and a few succulents can accomplish this and help complete the room.


Farmhouse Style Light Fixture

One of the easiest ways to update any room is by changing the light fixture. There are a number of farmhouse style light fixtures available at any big box store and even more online. My favorite are the lantern style in a flat black finish, don't be afraid to mix metals in a room!


Soothing Color Pallet

To keep your space calming and cozy, avoid dark, bright or bold colors. You'll want to stay with neutral colors, complimentary to your wall color, for the furnishings too. Now, with that being said, personally, I love a small pop of color against the neutral back drop, such as a bold red vase or a bright blue tea kettle.


Open Shelving

Mostly referencing kitchens, open shelving creates an airy space. Helping to keep things organized, this gives you the opportunity to show off your galvanized or black wire baskets.


Texture or Dimension on Walls

We all know the modern farmhouse trend LOVES shiplap, and with good reason, but you can create this texture without having to do an entire wall or with other materials. A few examples would be to use shiplap on the back of an island, wainscoting in the dining room or beadboard in the back of an open cabinet.


A Piece of Distressed Furniture

An accent piece of distressed furniture can complete the farmhouse look. It can give that warm, worn feel of an authentic farmhouse. Try to keep it in the same color palette as the rest of the room, not a bold or bright color.


Sliding Barn Door

A sliding barn door is a simple upgrade that can really add that extra special touch. They have the classic farmhouse look while the hardware can also crossover to an industrial look as well.


Wrought Iron and Black Accents

With all of the neutral colors you have used throughout your rooms to create the calm and comforting farmhouse palette a small black detail will really stand out. Adding those details will help prevent the room from falling flat.


Shop Small

Steer away from the big box stores when trying to find the perfect pieces for your room. Check out the antique stores and 2nd hand shops. They are where you are most likely to find that unique, rustic piece that will make your farmhouse complete.

A few extra points to consider, make sure you are using different textures to get the depth you need. Not just woods and metals but also mix in fabrics like cotton, canvas and chenille. Also, don't be afraid to mix metals by way of light fixtures, hardware and other details. As a general rule, don't mix more than 3 different metals.

Finally and most importantly make sure the space is something you love. The entire point is to make a space that you love coming home to and are comfortable in. Don't get too caught up in the details that you lose the personal touch.

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