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Why Should I Buy Furniture at a Consignment Shop?

It's true that there are some things you probably don't want to buy used but furniture is definitely NOT one of those things!

In fact, there are several great reasons to buy used furniture at your local consignment shop.


It's Cost Effective

That means you will get a much higher quality item at a much lower price.

A lot of new furniture in the big box stores is considered "Fast Furniture".

Which means it is ready-to-assemble, disposable and most times made for the current "season", similar to fast fashion.

In quality consignment shops you can find, well made, classic heirloom pieces, for a fraction of the cost.


NO Assembly Required

In this era of "Fast Furniture", we all have felt the frustration of staying up way too late, surrounded by mis-matched screws, with undecipherable instructions, building a piece of disposable furniture. When you buy used, you do not need to worry about assembly, save yourself the headache and leave the frustration on the shelf.


Add Character to Your Home

The best part about consignment shopping is the "you never know what you'll find" aspect. Furniture consignment shops are a great place to look for a "new to you" bedroom suit but you never know, if while looking for that new bedroom, you just might find that perfect accent piece that will complete the look of your room.

And most of all, it's just plain fun!


Support Your Local Community

When you purchase from a local consignment shop, you are not only helping the shop owner and its employees but also the consignor whose items you purchased. By making a local purchase, you are contributing back into your community, making it stronger and more vibrant!


Environmentally Friendly

Reduce, Recycle and REUSE! They say American's discard nearly 12 million tons of furniture and furnishing every year! Purchasing used furniture can help you do your part in saving the environment. Most consignment shop pieces are solid wood, so even if it has been "well loved" you can refinish or paint to make it fell like new!

Furnishing your home with second hand pieces will add interest, character and leave you some extra money in your bank account as opposed to shopping in the big box stores. Most of all, you will have a much more enjoyable experience and will likely meet some great local people in your shopping travels!

Visit our shop at 478 Level Road, Lilly, PA or

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